Week Fourteen: The Food Testing

*** This blog is not to be prescriptive nor give you advice, merely to show you my way of navigating true health in a jungle of advice and pharmaceutical pressure. Please do your own research, ask your own specialists or contact those I have used if you wish to find out more about your personal condition and symptoms. To your very best health. ***

This week has been about completing the parasite cleanse and having a food intolerance/sensitivity test.

It was another week of being vegan. It’s been fine. I’ve found it a touch boring and repetitive at times, but nothing too awful. I discovered that I need to eat more as a vegan and my plates have been piled high with salad or veg. It’s just not been very satisfying.

I’ve had a few really productive days by comparison to previous weeks. This has made me feel quietly confident about my ability to get my job done each day.

The parasite cleanse ended on the Friday and I weighed myself at the end to see what impact it had in two weeks. I was the same as when I started. My bloated belly suggested otherwise, but fat levels were the same and that’s all I am interested in.

I moved straight into the next recommendation from Janie and this is a 3 month plan (taking me to about week 26). Eating foods based on blood group (I’m an O) alongside this I planned to remove any foods that came up on the food intolerance testing I was having on the first Saturday into this new regime.

If you’ve been reading from the beginning the blood group O foods are almost identical to my AIP foods I was on from April, so all good there.

My first breakfast was sea bass with onions, carrots, spinach and avocado. Bloomin’ gorgeous.

Because of my history of sluggish digestion I am going to see where I can to eat one veggie meal a day, one fish meal and one meat meal. This I am hoping will stop the digestion from clogging up again.

  • I am on a bunch of new supplements to bind the heavy metals, and boost my vitamin B which were seriously lacking.
  • Sleeping has improved although the heat made that uncomfortable for a few nights.
  • Started doing a few more walks again.
  • Have been craving coffee, this has been the longest I’ve been off it now…still hopeful that one day I’ll be able to enjoy it again.
  • I’ve tentatively changed my deodorant as heavy metals were shown visibly in my blood sample. I have always been wary of alternative deodorants. My days as a fitness instructor leaving me sweaty and slightly niffy has put me off. However unbeknown to almost everyone I am a quiet Ambassador for Tropic Skin Care and they have an all natural deodorant cream. I decided to try it. It’s been fabulous! No smelliness, no little underarm wafts when it gets hot (and it has been hot!) so I am dead-chuffed with that. That’s a keeper to help reduce heavy metals and help the planet.

The food sensitivity testing was really interesting. Here is my full review -> https://wp.me/p2FrOn-1Re

I’ve removed the foods Kathy identified in this test and am continuing to follow the new list from Janie. So far so good.

Let’s see what the next week brings…more sun by the looks of it.

Please don’t blithely follow this plan 🙂 If you have any worries about your health please contact your GP or a qualified nutritional therapist or naturopath.