A year on plus 1 month…

It’s been about a month since I last wrote about the end of my first 12 months into the Hashimoto’s overhaul.

It’s been an interesting time and as such I thought I’d update here for my reference as well as for anyone else who’s still following.

After we got back from Iceland I hopped straight to London to a conference (The One Woman Conference) it was an interesting weekend. I spent most of it crying quietly to myself and pondering what on earth I was doing with my life and feeling frustrated with myself. By the end of the two days I felt less like weeping and more like doing something positively different.

At the conference I heard a fascinating lady (Alexandra Pope) speak about the female menstrual cycle life cycle and how knowing what your natural cycle is, is important as you go into menopause so that you know how your body is going to function beyond menstruation.

I’d already been thinking about having my Mirena coil removed before the conference. But hearing her talk made me realise that I’ve done my bit when it comes to birth control. 24 years of hormone based contraception plus years on the pill before bearing kids was a job well done. And given my current up and downs with my health and the recent realisation that maybe all this was peri-menopausal, then I felt it was time.

So that’s gone.

And now I can see how my body works properly. It’s actually quite exciting to see!

In the two weeks since it’s been gone I’ve had a proper period, lost some bulk around my belly and feel generally flatter. I am not suggesting it was the coil that did that…yet. But thought it was interesting.

Since the conference I have also signed up to a 12 month long programme of self development which is already proving to be a transformation in how I think and act. Once again early days but a very exciting time for me right now.

What of the normal issues?

Sleep is better but not brilliant. I have some completely sleepless nights and some where I wake up several times before going back to sleep again. It’s nowhere as bad as last year, that’s such a relief!

Mood is really good at the moment. So completely different to last year when it was pants. I feel on a permanent high of excitable energy. It’s quite nice! You may find me dancing around at venues with my headphones in before a session starts or at home just cranking up the music and jumping about to get rid of it!

Exercise is still REV5, skipping or rebounding and last weekend I did an epic training walk with a friend in preparation for the Jurassic Coast Challenge. We walked 70km in about 12 hours. Given that I’d left my strength in the Rev5 studio before the walk I was pretty pleased with how it went, despite the fact I didn’t eat enough. I got very cold towards the and as I expended all my reserves. I was poorly prepared and ate too little for all that I’d done that day. I’ve told my daughter to remind me to eat when we’re walking the event. I just don’t get hungry even though I must be. I prefer fatty foods so will remember to take tinned mackerel, avocados, coconut and nut butter to chow down on when in need rather than bananas and bars.

It’s a long way there and back!

I had my annual review with chiro-Kelly and all areas were significantly improved it was great. The reflex tests were staggeringly different. Last year I didn’t even react to the hammer on the knee/ankle tests. Last Friday I was reacting all over the place! I have also managed to balance my body to within 100g. If there was something to be significantly pleased with, that’s it! Knowing that I am almost balanced optimally is a significant and visible difference from a year ago.

Food wise I’ve kept off the biggies like dairy and grains (apart from rice). I’ve added in peppers and tomatoes, chilli and more exciting spices. Had more wine at the weekend and coffee has so very easily slipped back in, so that’s being stopped as of now. It’s my Achilles heel that’s for sure. So for those of you who think I’ve nailed will power. I haven’t, not where coffee is concerned.

So what’s next? I have a new appointment with Annette the kinesiologist next month and am looking forward to her doing an MOT to see if my good mood and chipper’ness is reflected in my results. And then in May I’ll be back to the GP for an annual thyroid review. I’ll report in then, hopefully all still tickety boo!