Weeks 48-50…ups and downs

*** This blog is not to be prescriptive nor give you advice, merely to show you my way of navigating true health in a jungle of advice and pharmaceutical pressure. Please do your own research, ask your own specialists or contact those I have used if you wish to find out more about your personal condition and symptoms. To your very best health. ***

Just writing weeks 48-50 made me feel a bit funny.

I’ve been doing this for nearly a year now.

I set myself a goal of licking this in 12 months. There’s no chance of that. Sometimes you just need to accept what’s what and over the last few weeks I’ve seen highs and lows, holidays and unexpected opportunities that have made me question a lot of things.

Since my last visit with Annette the kinesiologist I’ve had some great days and low weeks.

  • I’ve seen my weight creep up each week.
  • My sleeping has been shocking. Awake each night around 2am and then light disrupted sleep until about 05.30.
  • The digestive issues have crept back in.
  • Mood has fluctuated, more downs and more crying for no reason.
  • Bloating after eating that has made me look pregnant. And I am not exaggerating. It’s been a belly to be proud of!

However despite all this I’ve also experienced:

  • Some fabulous highs and positivity of mood like I’ve not seen for long time.
  • Increased strength and stamina in my Rev5 sessions.
  • A new found love (OK, obsession) with skipping.
  • A real understanding of how my body reacts to some foods.
  • A lovely trip to Iceland.

One of the main things I’ve noticed this month is the very narrow margin of room I have with what I eat. I’ve realised that my bloating and distension on my stomach is from eating raw salads and veggies. I’ve changed from salads at most meals to protein and a small portion of either cooked veg or something like an avocado or a beetroot.

This has made a huge difference. No more bloat, no more feeling out of sorts because I am all stretched. Hoorah!

I also noticed that I don’t seem to do to well on nuts. This is a blow. I am conscious that I eat a lot of animal protein as I can’t eat pulses or grains and so I eat meat and fish at most meals. If I am trying to reduce that I have nuts and that doesn’t seem to serve me well. When I was with Annette this week, I asked her about it and whilst in the treatment, and without my knowledge, she tested me for nuts and I am indeed not able to digest almonds, walnuts and Brazils. She said I was fine with peanuts and cashews in moderation…so long almond butter and almond milk…

So I am back to a fairly strict paleo diet. Meat, fish and cooked veg. Some fruit and some occasional nuts. I am steering clear of dried fruit and salads.

Over the last 6-8 years or so I’ve had occasion to find a point on the inside of my right knee to be so itchy. It’s odd as there’s nothing there. No pimple, no rash, just an irritation that needs to be scratched until it’s red.

I thought it was linked to my reaction to gluten and kind of left it. However this past few weeks I’ve had it more than ever and, according to my book on NAET kinesiology, it’s a Chinese medicine meridian point linked to the liver. Interestingly so is waking between 2-3am each day. So I mentioned this to Annette and she had me tested again.

Despite my liver testing fine last time I was with her it was struggling again and so she has me on some liver supplements for a while longer. The body is truly amazing. Even if you don’t believe in this stuff, I find it fascinating that these oddities in my lifestyle and how I function do relate back to these ancient traditions of healing.

When I was with Annette I gave her a list of things I had noticed. She writes it down and says nothing, just asks questions.

Then she asks you to lie on the couch and does her testing. It’s all very gentle and either arm or leg pressing and squeezing or wrist palpating.

What I love about this treatment with her is that there is never a chance for me to think that I am affecting the way my body reacts because of what she’s told me.

She tells me nothing!

She does her testing and, because I’ve been a few times now, I know the signs when the body aint’ happy.

Occasionally I ask her as we go along, but normally it’s at the end she tells me what she’s found out.

This time there were a few really weak responses.

  1. The nut reaction.
  2. She discovered that I am in the peri-menopause stage, which may, amongst other things, be impacting my sleep.
  3. My liver.
  4. And the weakest, most wobbly, jelly like arm of all came when she tested me for my antibodies. There was nothing there, no strength, no resistance. My body was having none of it. She did tell me at that point that my body was having trouble with these. (There are times when it’s so nice to know that what you knew was right all along!)

Anyway, treatments done and back in a few weeks for round 4. And there’s an interesting point. Due to an impromptu trip to Iceland I had to move this appointment to a few days before the next one I’d booked. When I was there I asked her if I should come on Monday (some 3 days later). She said ‘let’s see what the body says’ — so with the gentlest of touches she lightly squeezed my wrist. Before she even answered I said ‘it’s no isn’t it?’. I could feel a pain on the outside of my wrist where she was holding my wrist. But she wasn’t squeezing or prodding or stabbing. I could feel it and just knew. So, three weeks from now it is.

As an aside I managed a 5 day trip to Iceland in this time where I was generally OK with food. Had a lovely supply of coffee for 5 days, and had some really nice salads (before I had the salad-makes-me-bloat wake up call). However something I ate at one restaurant gave me rashes up my forearms. I tell you, I’ve become a walking, talking beacon for foods that don’t agree with me!

So there you have it.

In summary: a peri-menopausal woman has very similar symptoms to Hashimoto’s. Now we know I have Hashimoto’s but maybe the other symptoms like insomnia, digestive disruption, low libido, mood swings and energy dips are related to that and not Hashi’s.

I am back to a limited diet, but tolerating it to get the gut health in order to improve both liver and thyroid.

I’d like to sleep better. Really, that would be lovely.

I’ve done a lot of skipping.

I also cried pretty much for two days and had a blinding epiphany at an event I went to last weekend. But that’s for another time ­čÖé

Chilly here!