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Heal Your Life

Heidi Strickland-Clark has a genuine passion for helping people achieve sustainable happiness.

Her business, FastTrack Fit Camp, has helped hundreds of people achieve fitness goals, improve their self-image and get off debilitating medication.

FastTrack Fit Camp uses regular exercise and healthy eating to get its impressive results but there is a third element that can get in the way, preventing some people from achieving their goals — and that is their own mind.

The mind is an amazing thing but sometimes behaviours become habits that don’t have the best long-term outcome. These habits can affect your health, relationships, happiness and much more.

Recognising the mind’s vital role in happiness and general well being, Heidi looked for ways to address mental issues that get in the way of happiness and found the work of Louise Hay.

Following the successful completion of her training in the Louise Hay principals, Heidi realised she now had a tremendous ability to help people with a wide range of health and well being issues.

Through her workshops Heidi has now helped many people uncover issues that are holding them back so they can start working on resolving them.

  • Thanks Heidi for a most rewarding weekend. I would thoroughly recommend this course to anyone interested in finding out more about themselves. It’s been a revelation x

    Liz D.

  • A massive Thank You to Heidi and such an amazing group of lovely people who helped and supported each other to discover our new paths Xx

    Karen F.

  • Thank YOU Heidi Strickland-Clark for an amazing weekend.

    This was the perfect course, with perfect people, in a perfect location @ the perfect time. Wow! HUGS

    Susie C.

Massage Therapist

Heidi’s comprehensive training as a fitness instructor included sports and Swedish massage. Her experience at finding and targeting trouble spots to relieving tension means she now picks up all her new massage clients through referrals.


To enquire about massage availability, please email Heidi at heidistrickers@gmail.com