Week Nineteen: Another piece in the puzzle…

*** This blog is not to be prescriptive nor give you advice, merely to show you my way of navigating true health in a jungle of advice and pharmaceutical pressure. Please do your own research, ask your own specialists or contact those I have used if you wish to find out more about your personal condition and symptoms. To your very best health. ***

After a few weeks of normality this week has been both eye-opening and a sombre reminder why I am here doing this.

A few weeks ago I met a lady, Niki McGlynn, who works with children and adults to improve conditions like ADD, ADHD, anxiety and depression, dyspraxia, developmental issues and more. I found it fascinating and arranged to go and see her for a screening so I could learn about what she does.

My full summary is here, during the screening I discovered a lot of things about myself that I thought were just normal. However it would appear that they are ‘things’. Things that are as a result of some developmental delay from my birth through childhood. Read the full blog for all the details, but interestingly my bowel function came up in this screening too (and she didn’t even have to ask, she could tell from a simple exercise!).

It’s one more piece in the puzzle of development that I hadn’t even been aware of that may not be helping my present condition.

She gave me some exercises to do. I started with three repetitions of two different exercises each day (they are done very slowly) and each week add a new one on. There are 12 in all, so this may take some time 🙂

My morning routine is now quite full on. I get up, take medications, walk, do chiro neck exercises, chiro postural exercises, new Niki exercises. All before breakfast. I don’t have time to hang about!

The chiro work is definitely having a huge impact. My neck, before I went, was very graunchy when I turned to the left. That’s all gone now. The movement and range is much improved, I am still waking up to turn over (which is what sent me to Kelly-chiro in the first place) but am expecting more improvements all in good time.

Also this week I learned of the untimely death of one of our ex-Fit Campers. She died of lung cancer that had spread to the brain. It is very sad and it really reminded me of why I want to look after myself now. This client had stopped coming to us as she’d been struggling with an autoimmune condition called Meniere’s Disease. Any autoimmunity can increase your chances of not only other auto-immune conditions, but also other diseases.

I am not suggesting for one minute this was the case here. I don’t know the details and I am very sad for her passing, but in the same week I also read in my book ‘The Auto Immune Fix’ that for those with an autoimmune condition the risks of other diseases are much increased.

From the book...”That means if I am 63 and I have coeliac disease, and my brother is 62 and doesn’t have coeliac disease. I am twice as likely to die at 63 of some disease – heart disease, cancer, Alzheimer’s. diabetes, stroke, Parkinson’s than my brother is when he reaches 63. And if I have another autoimmune condition, the likelihood increases”

In short fixing my gut and digestion is THE most important thing I can be doing right now. It helps address inflammation, gut permeability, improved absorption and digestion. This will impact my thyroid function. Every day I can act to improve that. In fact with every meal I have the choice to improve or not.

So please don’t ask me anymore why I am doing this, why I am ‘putting myself through it’.

It’s very simple. I am protecting my future self. Protecting my future self from going through illness or disease that I allowed to happen knowing that I could have prevented it.

This blog is to show my journey, not a blueprint for the perfect way.

This week:

  • Sleep is rubbish apart from Saturday night when I slept for 6 hours straight. Not done that for a very long time.
  • I have changed when I take my Thyroxine in case that’s affecting my sleep. I was taking it in the evening, now I am taking in the morning again.
  • Started taking the Betaine HCL and pepsin supplement for my digestion. My gradual, daily increase to find how many to take took me to 8 per meal (with no side effects) and I decided that I should probably wait to speak to Janie before doing any more with that. Have dropped back to 4 with each protein meal.
  • Despite all the supplements to help my digestive capacity it’s still sluggish on occasion so, as I said earlier, this is my priority now. Good gut health = excellent health.
  • I am glad I stopped recording my meals on this blog. It’s pretty samey right now. But I have discovered a love for prepared coconut chunks from Sainsbury’s. Very nice. (Avoid the Tesco ones, they are slimy).

Finally, we are running a charity event to remember Anne and also support the Macmillan Nurses who cared for her at home in her last days. It’s on Sunday 16 September 09.00 in Winnersh. There will be a cake sale, Fit Camp and coffee and chat time at the end. All proceeds to the charity. For more details click here ->  Camp & Cakes for Macmillan Nurses.