Week Twenty: Barley-face

*** This blog is not to be prescriptive nor give you advice, merely to show you my way of navigating true health in a jungle of advice and pharmaceutical pressure. Please do your own research, ask your own specialists or contact those I have used if you wish to find out more about your personal condition and symptoms. To your very best health. ***


This week I was reminded that I must, must, must read labels every time I am eating something that someone else or some company has prepared.

I ran out of one of my supplements this week. A deep green tablet of chlorophyll that I’ve been taking under Janie’s recommendation for about 7 weeks. The supplier was out of stock with no dates on when it was coming back in, so I decided to use a liquid version that Mr Strickers has been using.

I didn’t think anything of it as it’s a health product with zingy, impressive results. But on Sunday I was found that my face was really itchy. I kept having to scratch my nose and between my eyebrows and generally be quite fidgety as my face was itchy. It wasn’t until after I’d had a second dose the next day that I remembered that it had barley grass in it. Barley grass is supposed to be gluten free, however I always react to it and, sure enough the stuff was packed with it (it is very nutritious if you’re not intolerant to it) so that was a lesson learned. Read the damn labels.

Mr Strickers commented this week that I am a walking example of how when you eat what suits your body you can eat as much as you like. He had a bit of plate envy I think as I pile on the leaves and salads at all of my meals before dousing in oil, adding an avocado before adding some protein like fish or meat. I takes me a while to get through it, but it does the job, keeps me going and, this week when I did my body composition saw that my body fat percentage had gone down too.

Despite my reminder last week as to why I am working on my health my will power and determination was certainly tested this week when my two biggest triggers were activated.

On Wednesday I was so tired. My sleep ain’t great and I was lying on the floor in my office for a 15 minute rest before heading out to Fit Camp. When I got up to get ready I felt no better. I went into the kitchen and thought that I’d have a coffee. Mr Strickers was out, no one would need to know. I turned the machine on (I am a coffee snob!) and stood looking at it for a long time…then decided to turn it off again and cope. The internal battle was huge! But I remembered that being wired on caffeine when I’d not had it for so long wouldn’t help me to sleep that evening. So I didn’t do it. It was close though!

So sleep, trigger one!

Trigger two was at the weekend when I had my first experience of having to deal with the Apple store. I won’t bore you with the story, but a one hour wait turned into a 2.5 hour wait and their shop has a Starbucks right outside it (for waiting clients I am sure). Once again, I was so close to saying ‘sod it’ I’ll have a coffee whilst I am waiting. But as I opened my mouth to order I heard me ask for a green tea. Good grief, who AM I?! My previous me would have had a least 2 coffees in the time I had to wait there.

Tigger alerts! Tiredness and boredom. What are yours? How do you win them over?

This week:

  • Digestion has been very sluggish this week.
  • Sleep has been shocking this week. I get to sleep beautifully quickly, its when I wake I have more trouble. Very fitful.
  • The volume of leaves I’ve eaten this week is insane. I mentioned to Dale that we eat a lot of leaves. He reminded me that he wasn’t eating them and that it was only me. Blimey. I need my own allotment.
  • Rev5 is my weekly dose of calm gruntiness. My strength is improving each week and a goal I set for my leg strength for the end of year is very close now.
  • Kelly-chiro gave me a new toy to work with this week. It’s a wedge to help correct my straight neck. It’s a torture item! I’ve got to slowly build up to lying on it for 10 minutes at a time. I could barely do 30 seconds! I am adding 10 seconds per day. It’s slow, but perhaps that’s a lesson I need to learn from all this.

    Neck wedge
  • I took my packed lunch to a networking event where the menu was freshly cooked curry. It looked fabulous, but unfortunately too many ingredients on my avoid list for me to join in. I was sat next to a lady who also had her own lunch, she is allergic to onions and so takes her meal with her when she travels too. We were discussing how it causes us no problems but seems to bother others more, as though it’s a statement about their choices. Totally not true, I’d much rather have curry and cake which is what the rest of them were having!
  • In two weeks I will be walking the Three Peaks Challenge for charity. I need to make sure that I can feed myself for 24 hours. I have such a list of questions for Janie when I speak with her on Thursday next week.
  • More aware of my croaky voice when speaking for a long time. A side effect of Hashimoto’s, it makes speaking tiring.

Other than that, life goes on. See you next week.